natural wood chew for Hamster


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Funny and Healthy: These wooden chew toys give your little rodent the perfect opportunity to play and work keeping them healthy and active and helping them play around their environment in a fun new way.

Pack of 10 funny toys: Rat toys gift set includes: big dumbbell cowhide rope + double wooden connecting block + dumbbell + semicircular small string rattan ball + soft bamboo + unicycle + braided ring + plastic ball rattan + swing + branch.

Natural wood: The toys are made of first-class wood, which is naturally dried, and the dehydration rate is strictly controlled, so that the toy has a sunny taste and is more comfortable to use.

Applicability and function: the chew toy kit are bite-resistant molar tools, can ensure the healthy growth of small pet teeth, wholeheartedly care for your favorite. Suitable for Rabbits, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rat, Birds, Rodents and other small animals.


Material: wood

Color: as pictures shown

Quantity: 1 set


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