Design cat scratching post Wooden and jute column


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A daily well-being accessory, the scratching post with toy is a complete accessory to meet the needs of the cat.

Formidably effective and without risk of injury, the scratching toy with catnip ensures:

An anti-stress effect.
A durable alternative against property damage.
A territorial marking accessory.
Aid in muscle relaxation.
Of top-of-the-range quality, the Column Scratching Post for Cats from the German brand Trixie is suitable for the use of kittens and adult cats.

Column Cat Scratcher
Made of cardboard, MDF and jute
Ultra-robust material
With catnip
Features a hanging toy
Avoid boredom
Encourages environmental exploration
Reduces the risk of stress
Promotes play
Avoid destruction of furniture
Designer shape
Promotes muscle relaxation
Refill available for long time use
Color: WOOD


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