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The BE NORDIC range of the  brand supports marine protection projects and contributes to the sustainable conservation of nature and the protection of many species.

Guaranteeing a saving of space and a solution to counter the bad behavior of your feline, the cat tower is an ideal accessory to set up.

Indeed, the cat tree in the form of a tower offers:

a scratching post for territorial marking and for the maintenance of the claws.
games to reduce stress and ensure physical release.
anti-stress refuges for quality sleep.
a secure relaxation area.
Developed by the German brand, the Cat Tower  BE NORDIC cat tree perfectly meets the needs of felids.
Cat Tower  BE NORDIC scratching post
Made of varnished plywood and jute
Includes a large sisal grid
Padded high platform to guarantee an optimal observation post
Features a securely attached hanging rope for play
Perfect stability of the device via a thick base
Features two refuge rest areas with reversible cushion each
Helps in stress regulation
Allows territory marking
Ensures muscle relaxation
Encourages claw maintenance
Ensures restful sleep
Hand washable cushion
Grey color


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