Cat scratching post Gray


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For the well-being of your cat, it is essential to enrich the living environment with a multitude of accessories such as the cat tree.

Easy to install in the house, the cat tree perfectly meets the specific needs of felids avoiding the appearance of undesirable habits (damage, destruction…).

Thus, the scratching accessory allows the execution of muscle relaxation, territorial marking and play in order to guarantee:

Claw wear.
Regulation of stress (withdrawals).
Optimal physical and mental health.

Made of sisal and plush, the cat tree from  has a rest area and a large scratching post.

cat tree
Made of plush polyester and sisal
Covered in high quality plush fabric
Ideal solidity
High observation post
1 post with 6mm of sisal for scratching
Thick padded platforms
Great for stress regulation
Supports the natural claw file
Promotes healthy muscles
Grey color


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