Cat Laser Zip


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In order to avoid behavioral problems linked to an impoverished environment (urban environment, limited access to the outside, etc.), it is recommended to set up specific accessories to ideally stimulate your cat.

Indeed, the laser toy is a beneficial game for the mental and physical health of your little four-legged friend.

Thus, the laser toy:

encourages physical exertion.
trains responsiveness and agility.
stimulates the natural hunting instinct.
Avoiding inactivity and boredom, the t Laser Zip Cat Toy generates random trajectories and a laser beam over a 10-minute play session for guaranteed entertainment.
Laser Zip Cat Toy
Features a rotating laser
Random moves
Help with physical expenditure
Encourages responsiveness and agility
Stimulates the natural hunting instinct
Avoid frustration
Promotes well-being
With automatic shut-off for a 10 minute play session
Accessory avoiding corners and under furniture via sensors
Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
2 years warranty


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