Aalborg Mixed Dog Harness


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Cowhide leather is distinguished by the suppleness and flexibility of the material, thus allowing real ease of carrying, guaranteeing lightness and softness.

Offering a combination of two robust and comfortable materials, the Hunter Harness harness provides:

Remarkable flexibility for an ideal fit to the animal’s morphology.
A great softness to the touch.
Preservation of body heat avoiding cold snaps.
Ventilation eliminating the risk of heat stroke.
Design and functional, the Aalborg for COGNAC Dog Harnesses from Hunter is available in 4 sizes.
Aalborg Mixed Dog Harness COGNAC
In cowhide and nylon
Premium material
Great robustness
Soft touch
Padding at pressure points to avoid any risk of chafing
Ideal adjustment to the morphology
Easy to maintain
Perfect security of the device
Great freedom of movement
Attachment ring on the back for an ideal distribution of traction
Clip closure
Recommended for walking and sports activities
Design and practice
Long service life
Available in 4 sizes


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