13pcs/set Multicolor Cockatiel Toy Kit


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Adopting the prime material with excellent craftsmanship, the parrot toys are natural, eco-friendly, wear-resistant, safe to chew, and can be used for a long time. The sturdy clip makes it easy to hang them in the cage and is very sturdy
Featured with a variety of toys like swing, perch stand, hanging  bell balls, etc., parrot toys are great for chewing, playing and climbing and provides necessary activities to relieve boredom pets. And the combination toys bring birds different happiness, and the colorful appearance makes it easy to attract birds to play.
The parrot toy is made of natural wood.
There are different sizes of parrot toys.
It is suitable for various parrots and birds to swing and play games.

Item Name: Parrot Toy
Material: Wood
Features: relieve boredom, healthy, bite resistant
Size Details:
Stick Length: 7.88″ (approx.)
Beads Pendant Length: 19.5cm/7.68″ (Approx.)
Bell Ball Pendant Length: 7.88″ (Approx.)
pendant length: 7.88″ (approx.)
Swing Length: 16cm/6.3″ (Approx.)
Bell Pendant Length: 12.7cm/5″ (Approx.)
Beads Perch Stand Length: 10cm/4″ (Approx.)


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